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Alissa Culp

Why Choose FlexBank.

FlexBank, Incorporated was originally established in 1971 under the name of Wallace, Deist & Schneider. In 1985, we began administering Section 125 Flexible Spending Accounts using privately created software that enabled us to pay account claims every single day. Participants can walk into our office and get a check on the spot. Back then, and still today, that’s a pretty big deal. In 1998, we changed our name to FlexBank, Inc. to more accurately reflect the services we provide our customers.

Throughout our almost fifty year growth, we’ve kept the same principles and a business philosophy of personal professionalism. We treat our customers just like they’re family. We are working hard every day to make these true benefits for employers and their participants, not irritants. You’ll experience this focus the very first time you call our office and a team member answers the phone.

In early 2020, we partnered with a like-minded TPA, Navia Benefits Solutions. Navia is a family-owned/operated third-party administrator (TPA) with an unparalleled commitment to customer service. Founded in 1989, they began as Flex-Plan Services, a single-service TPA selling only FSA plans. Over the years, they’ve grown from our humble beginnings into one of the nation’s premier administrators, offering a complete selection of benefit solution services. Visit www.naviabenefits.com for more information.

Relax… we’ve got this.

Alissa Culp, President

Areas of Expertise

Tax Free Account Administration

  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA)
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
  • Transportation Accounts (Parking, Mass Transit)

Document Preparation

  • Premium Only Plan (POP)
  • ERISA Wrap Document/Summary Plan Description (SPD)
  • Qualified Small Employer HRA

Compliance Services

  • Form 5500 Filing
  • Non-Discrimination Testing
  • COBRA Administration

FlexBank’s philosophy of focusing on what we do well has positioned us as the administrator of choice for thousands of insurance brokers and their clients.

FlexBank pays claims every day! The big WOW!

We all want our money now and FlexBank has the unique capability paying claims every single day. Daily payment of claims is what gets the big wow from participants either by check, direct deposit or the use of debit card technology.

Customer Retention Means Customer Satisfaction

FlexBank is proud of its customer retention rate of 98%. This speaks volumes to the level of customer satisfaction.